Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm Here!

Well, I arrived here in Cape Verde and I love it already!  The plane ride was not bad. I traveled with 7 elders and 2 sisters, all headed to my mission. Bless their hearts…they all took a few extra things in their own carryon luggage for me…extra medical supplies and such.  I got everything over here that I wanted to! We flew to Boston; then 6 hours later headed straight to Cape Verde.  I slept most of the way here which was nice. (The time difference is 5 hours ahead of SLC) The gentleman sitting next to me on the plane to Boston works for Adobe and has offered to help with the great needs of these people….medical supplies, hygiene kits, primary materials, nursery toys, etc.  Truly, “God is in the details of our lives!”

Did I say already that I LOVE my mission?   President and his wife, Sister Oliveira, are so kind! Sister Oliveira was in tears when she saw all the supplies that I brought with me. The mission home is about a 15 minute taxi ride from my “deluxe” apartment. Really…I was expecting something much more…well…dirt floors…or something.  My roommate, Sister McKnight, is great!

I am so excited for the people of Cape Verde. The people are lovely and there are a lot of needs.  It’s a lot like the Azore Islands just north of here, where I used to live…hot and humid and great! I have already met some Cape Verdians and they are sooooo sweet, happy and kind.  Also, they are very affectionate towards one another. The water is beautiful and I am walking distance to the shore.  Did I say I LOVE IT HERE!?!?!

I will be flying to all 8 of the islands that we have missionaries on within the next 30 days to build a rapport with the doctors and nurses.  The Missionaries are great. There is such a great spirit here among them!  Tomorrow I’m headed to the other side of this island to see my first sick missionary.  Let the work begin!

I am so happy to be here!  So much to learn!  I can do hard things, but this feels easy at the moment.

I need to get good at speaking Portuguese quickly.  I think I’ll find me a private tutor in the ward.      

Thank you again, to everyone who has had a part in my being here. Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for your love and support.  I am so honored to be a servant of the Lord in this part of His vineyard.  God bless you all in your efforts in your part of His world as well.

This is the address for a letter or a package.  (Packages take about a month, but seem to get here safely.)

Sister Cassita
missao Cabo Verde Praia
C.P. 420
Praia, LLHA De Santiago

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