Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jesus Take the Wheel

Dear Family and Friends,

If you thought I was lost, well... you would be right. But I believe that there is a scripture or saying. 
           "One must lose their life in order to find it."

There have been many, many blessing poured out to me; the Lord's tender mercies. I find myself in a very strange place at this point in my mission. I love to help, to care for, to love, to rescue, and to serve my brother's and sisters here in Kiribati, and actually anywhere in the world. But here in Kiribati they are so, so poor and yet they are some of  the most humble people in the world. My frustration is that I can't help them all. There is such a great need for help here in so many ways. 

So I left on my mission broke and I'm still broke. Not really, because I have shelter, food, and clothing. But I don't have money to relieve their suffering in some small way. This past week it was as though a 2x4 smacked me upside the head; or just one of those "duh!" moments. It's the same thing that Jesus asked Peter to do. "Feed my sheep!"

So I felt myself hearing the same words. "Elizabeth, What are you doing? Why are you still thinking this way? Just go and feed my sheep - and I'm not talking about food. I'm talking about spiritual food. I'm talking about sharing the Gospel, teaching out of the scriptures and Preach My Gospel."

Its not that helping others through service isn't good, but it can't be my main purpose anymore. At least not now. I feel that the Lord has been trying to turn my steering wheel and I've been resisting with white knuckles and all. So now I'm saying, " Jesus take the wheel; take it from my hands, cuz I can't do this on my own. I'm letting go!"

In doing this I know that I must fine tune my ears/spirit to listen to His spirit and then to ACT!  Act NOW!  The Lord is hastening His work. I do love being the Lord's missionary.

Another thing that I've learned, is that one cannot serve and not be changed. His molding and teaching are far greater than anything that could be learned in a classroom.

I love my Savior, I know He lives! I know time is short for His return and that we must change our thinking and what we are doing to be fully engaged in building the Kingdom of God upon the earth NOW! Our living Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and the 12 Apostles have asked us and warned us. It is my prayer that all of us can and will ACT in Faith to follow this counsel from our Heavenly Father  through His worthy priesthood leaders.

It is official. I was asked to extend my mission for 5 additional months and of course, I said yes! So my finish date is September 8,2014.
Even though it will be hard for my dear children, I know that they know, that the Lord has to and always will come first. So to my dearest children, Zachary, Houston, Maddison and Taylor. It is for you that I serve the Lord. You may not see it now but He will send blessings your way.
I love my Savior and Redeemer with all of my heart. Thank you to everyone for your continued love and support. I couldn't do this without you.

Sending all my love,
Sister Cassita