Thursday, July 2, 2015

Missionary Summer in Samoa

Talofa my family and friends,
I'm amazed at the work of these young missionaries out here serving in Samoa. I got to spend the day proselyting with Sister's Grey, Davies and Aspinall.
As we started off on a dirt road that led us away from all that was modern, 
my heart began to fill with this incredible love. Tears filled my eyes and His Spirit filled my soul. I was walking slightly behind these three sister missionaries, just taking in the miracle that I was experiencing, knowing I was fulfilling a promise that I had made to my Heavenly Father in the pre-existence. It was so real that I could feel His happiness as if He were standing with me and speaking directly to me.

My heart is filled with such joy as I go about doing my Father's work each day. We met a darling family that are not members but had many questions.
As Sister Grey was sharing her testimony about the Book of Mormon and answering the grandfathers questions, I got to hold the newest member of this family,a two month old little baby boy. As I held him in my arms and rocked him I was able to sooth him.

At the same time my own spirit was soothed. His mother had no idea what this did for me. One of my most greatest joys in life is being a mother and of holding my children.  I thanked the mother for letting me hold her child.

This family is so sweet and humble and as you can see extremely poor. The grandmother had been out picking eggplant for their super that evening. My heart ached to want to relieve there struggles to just survive. But then I realized that God was the one already doing that. All their food and water came from the rich earth which God created.
I was grateful and humbled to realize this. Even so , I knew that I could help with some material things. One of my dear friends, Susan Sudol had packed a suitcase full of clothes for me to take when I left for my mission. These clothes have clothed many and I will be taking some to this family to clothe their children. Thank you and God bless you Susan. I will share more as I continue to go out with the sister missionaries to visit this family.

I got to spend some time with another dear friend from Kiribati, Timon and his family.
They came to be sealed in the temple. I also got to take them to the beach on my P-day,
 on the way we stopped to see some beautiful waterfalls. It was so fun to see the look on all their faces when they looked over the edge of the mountain, If you remember from my photos, Kiribati is FLAT. 

The other thing that was so fun to see were the faces of the children's excitement when they saw cows and a horse.
It was kinda like being at the zoo. The two boys on the horse were kind enough to stop and let us take some pictures with them.

My car was full. I had also taken Elder Memea who I served with in Kiribati and his cousin Stellar who is less active but I have learned that unconditional love is the most important tool for rescuing. I have come to love these two young men for their examples of love and service.

(Elder Memea - right; his cousin, Stellar on the left)
One night I got to watch all the children while Timon and his wife went to the temple together. I love serving and helping others. It's like oxygen to my brain. LOVE IT!
Zone Conference!

             (One of two zone conferences in Upolu)
What a wonderful, spiritual feast. We have 4 zones and I was asked to do a health training for in 3 of the 4 for 30  minutes. 

          (The other NW and NE zone in Upolu)
I really enjoyed it!  I loved learning from President and Sister Tolman.
(zone conference in Savaii)
 (Asst. to the President: Elders Suiaunoa & Wengert)

Feeding all those missionaries!

Elder and Sister Stonehawker are the Senior Couple serving in Savaii.

Afolua, she's our angel that does all the meals and cleaning around the mission office. This women is one very strong member and has served under 5 mission presidents.

Elder and Sister Gillette are the Senior Couple called to work here at the school. They are from Idaho and I adore them!

  I love you all so much and really miss being with my family. Thanks to everyone for your continued support! And thank you Teresa for my birthday package:) 

I know the church is true, I know the Book of Mormon was written for us in our day and I am a witness that if one reads it, it will change you. Some of my core behaviors and beliefs has completely changed for the better. I love my Savior Jesus Christ with all my heart.

Sister Cassita