Sunday, June 1, 2014

Let Us All Press On.....

My dear family and friends,
  Oh my goodness!  There is so much to share. I've learned through serving others that we are the Lord's hands, and just how much He needs each one of us to build His Kingdom upon the earth. 

As I have been blessed with many talents and abilities and used them out here during my mission, people will cry and say to me, " The Lord has answered my prayers". It brings the love of the Savior to both of us and our heart are knit together as one. I love being missionary so very much.

Trying to keep the rats out of flats here can be a challenge so I went and bought some wiring that they couldn't chew through and put it on all the windows of the sister's flat in Bikenebue.

Cleaning the chapel's with some of my new friends...
The members here haven't caught on to helping in this area just yet...
but I continue to invite them to come and help:)
Taxi driver! Someone always can use a ride...

This is Athy. She loves to come to my house and learn how to bake. My daughter, Maddison, sent me her recipe for Snicker Doodles. They were a hit!
After we bake, she takes them home to share with her family. She is so darling.  Her grandfather used to be the President of Kiribati. They are not members...yet. They are truly wonderful people that I will miss when I leave. 

A big thank you to the Mansell's and their friends for donating T-shirts to the Service Center here in Kiribati.
The employees are so proud to wear them and some have told me that it has opened the door for them to do missionary work.
"I'm a Mormon! I know it! I live it! I love it"
Yes we do!

In loving memory, Glenn and JoAnn Haws
I had no idea when they took me to the MTC that I would not be coming home to see them again. But the Lord has called both of them home to be with Him.  I am eternally grateful to them, for all the love and support to me and to my children.
My heart goes out to my best friend, Marci, who is their daughter. My life is better because of you and your parents. Just look at me now... a missionary! Who would have guessed it? Like the song goes, " It only takes a spark to get a fire going."  In tribute to your parents: I know that they have been the "spark" in many people's lives and most importantly in their family. Their endless service in missionary work continues on.
I will be leaving Glenn's book here in Kiribati, titled " Who And What Am I... Why Am I Here On This Earth? 
 You can order a copy at this link:

Til next time!
Sister Cassita