Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August 5, 2015

Dearest family and friends,

As I share some of my experiences of the past month tears fill my eyes and my heart is filled with a greater love and gratitude for the tender mercies my children and I have received. Truly miracles have come to us.

My daughter Maddison, was hit by a car while she was riding her bike to work. She, thankfully, went over the hood of the car and not under it. She suffers with some road rash, a sore knee and wrist and nightmares, but her life was spared.

That same day in the evening my son Zachary and his fiance Brenda were broadsided in their car. Both are doing okay but then Zachary was in the hospital in Las Vegas for the last 3 days. They found a cyst in his frontal lobe and some swelling in the nerves at the base of his neck which could be the contributing factor to his severe headaches.

And then today, I received a photo from Zachary and Brenda at church. Tears of joy ran down this mother's cheeks.
I had contacted a Bishop Tanner in Las Vegas (2:30am ugh). He went in the middle of the night and gave my son a priesthood blessing and invited him to come back to church.
Oh how grateful I am for this wonderful bishop. God's ways are perfect! As I serve Him here in Samoa He meets the prayers of mother so far from her son through another one of his children. We are all needed and loved by our Savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.
I know the Savior is coming very soon. I have had many witnesses of this and though there will be harder times and trials ahead, I find great peace in knowing that me and my children have been sealed in the temple of the Lord and will be a family forever! I love you Zachary, Houston, Maddison, Taylor.

I have been greatly blessed to have such a wonderful friend here on my mission. Sister Tolman has been such a great strength for me in some hard times. She is one strong and amazing lady.
On the nursing end of things I've cut out a few boils;

                              I like doing that:)

We also have Dengue Fever going around.

This is what is looks like in a more severe case. This missionary is all better now thanks to a priesthood blessing, miracle! Last night President Tolman went out and got a very sick missionary. He could barely stand and was in and
out of consciousness.I tried starting an IV with no success. I knew things were critical and I needed help. We called and ambulance and off to the hospital this elder went along with his new companion ( only out 1 week) but he was a trooper. Finally at the hospital they were able to get IV access and started some fluids. He was hypovolemic, tachycardic, febrile at 38+. He was also given some anti-nausea medication through his IV and was finally able to keep oral fluids down.They have had 4 to 5 patient's every day come in with Dengue Fever and the hospital is full. Luckily the mission has a 15 bed receiving room where I was able to take this missionary back to at 12:30.
He was complaining that he was very hungry, and rightfully so. He had been vomiting nearly all day. Anyways I got the two elders settled and then went to my apartment and cooked up 8 eggs with cheese and 4 pieces of bread with butter and jam. They were so thankful and it made my heart happy to be able to feed them. And about that, actually it's all of you that fed them. Thank you all for your generous donations that continue to allow me to serve the Lord in the capacity that I do. Some nights are very long but hopefully I will sleep well tonight.

I also had the opportunity to help some missionaries clean their houses. I've also been helping a Samoan sister clean up her yard. This is no easy task. They have this plant called elephant grass. It's awful. If it rubs up against your skin it feels like fiber glass. I've learned to wear a long sleeve shirt but it's very hot!

I went snorkeling with the senior missionaries.
They are so kind and we had a really good time. Elder and Sister Gillette have a waterproof camera and got some great pictures of the blue starfishes.

I sure do miss everyone. The church is growing and the missionaries are doing an awesome job here in Samoa.
Also Sister Corriveau from my stake arrived. It was so nice to meet her.
The church is true and I love my Savior with all my heart. Have a wonderful day!

Sister Cassita