Wednesday, October 3, 2012



I enter the MTC MONDAY OCTOBER 8th!!!!
Then I am home on the 18th for four days to finish last minute preparations;  farewell party on the 20th; talk in church on the 21st; and fly out on the 23rd!!! WOW!!! This will be FAST!

My spirit was always singing "I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord", but my heart longed to go to Africa. When I submitted my mission papers I was told that they were absolutely not sending single sister missionaries to Africa....well....except...THIS ONE!!!!!!  Truly God is a God of miracles!  

The next miracle will be the way in which He provides for me to be there financially. I answered His call for me to go on this mission in faith that He would provide, since I knew He was asking me to go...NOW, and I didn't have the resources.  Now, I'm going four months earlier than anticipated and my earning potential has been cut off. I know He will take care of me and I go forward in perfect faith. If you have a desire to help support me, even a little, you can consider one of the following three options:

1. Online donations at
2. Deposit to Chase Bank (email me for account information)
3. Mail donation to:
                  Bishop Michael T. Baum
                  Ashley Park Ward 

                  10045 S Ridgegate Cir
                   Sandy, Ut 84092
       (On tithing slip in "other" box - Ward Missionary Fund - Liz Cassita)

Thank you so very much to all those who have already asked how they could help!  Please know how very very grateful and humble I feel to be embarking on this sacred journey. I will carry your love to the people in Cape Verde!

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