Friday, May 1, 2015

Week One - MTC

Dear Family and Friends,
Oh what a week it has been. The second time around confirmed to me that the MTC is the greatest schooling on earth. God's house is truly a house of order. Thank you to my best friend Marci for taking me down
and seeing me receive my missionary badge
and for your endless hours and days in helping me to prepare, not only for the MTC but for when I get home and in preparing for the Second Coming of Christ! God truly is a God of miracles!!!!
My first day when I walked into the cafeteria I heard someone yell out,
"Sister Cassita". I turned to see Elder Kaiatia, from Kiribati.
He was grinning from ear to ear and my heart jumped for joy. He was a student living in the dorms on Moroni Campus where I lived on my last mission and I had treated him for an injury that was completely healed over some time.
Sister Eneri is also from Kiribati and I learned she had broken her foot and will be staying longer at the MTC  while she awaits complete healing of her foot. It made me homesick for my Kiribati friends and family, oh how I love all my brother's and sister's everywhere!
I was thrilled to see President and Sister Burgess also in the cafeteria that first day. The second time around was harder because I know how homesick I get. They both gave me a big hug and welcomed me to the MTC.  
They told me that President Dalquist had called them earlier that morning to tell them that I would be arriving. How grateful I am to both President and Sister Dalquist for all there love and support. President Burgess was a counselor to  Pres. Dalquist. in our stake and now serves with his wife as the president at the MTC.  
I testify that God knows our needs and is in the details of our lives. I have come to recognize his hand more and more as I get out of the way and allow Him to guide and direct my life. Oh how I love Him with all my heart! 
We were placed into districts, this was my mini family and I came to love these missionaries.

At our Tuesday devotional we were blessed to hear from Elder Zwick and receive profound and great instruction on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. At one point the Spirit was so strong and I was overcome with emotion, as I put my head in my lap I could feel the love of my Savior and I knew that He knew how hard this sacrifice was for me to leave my children again but that I was not alone and that He would ALWAYS, be with me.
Thank you to my son Taylor for the ride from the MTC. He surprised me on our way to Sandy, he told me that he needed to pick something up. When we got to the place there was my other son Houston.
Oh my goodness! He had flown in from Missouri. I was so happy to be with two of my four children for the weekend before I started week two of training in Salt Lake City.
Love ,
Sister Cassita


  1. Hi cute friend! You are so awesome to serve again!! We have four Sisters in our mission from Kiribati--2 more coming including Sister Eneri!! We love you.

  2. Sister Cassita!! You have been in my thoughts and prayers every day. Sending you lots of angels!!!!

  3. I am thrilled that you got to see your sons. What a treat! Hugs and prayers we send your way. Love ya, Mansells