Thursday, May 16, 2013

Oh What a P-day will bring....

Dear family and friends, 

My how time is passing so quickly

Today all of us senior missionaries went to the East/North end of Tarawa as far as we could on dry ground.

   Then we took a canoe with an outrigger to the next island.

There are no cars on that island and it has a lot more vegetation and a very small population. I taught some children how to play "Ring-around-the-rosey". They loved it and laughed when we fell to the ground, I think they were surprised that I fell to the ground with them!

When walked to the other side of the island, I was at the back of the group and stopped to talk with a woman whose husband was in the top of a huge breadfruit tree cutting down some limbs, (or should I say he was pruning it.)
I took his picture and then I introduced myself and the church. Then the most amazing thing happened! I asked her if I could come back and give her a message and teach her a lesson about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints. She responded with a “yes” and then she said, "and bring me the book". I hadn’t said anything to her about a book and didn’t think she’d even heard of the Mormons before! I look forward to sharing the Gospel with her and know of the joy that it will bring to her and her family.
Further down the road we saw a garden where a man was growing cabbage. They do some amazing things here with so little. (I think it's called being self- reliant.) They are way ahead of Americans when it comes to preparedness; perhaps because this is a way of life for them. They are so humble and sweet. I just love them!
There was a man across the way that needed some medical attention. He had fallen and bruised his upper arm. There was a very large hematoma/blood clot (about the size of a baseball). I told him that I would be returning next week and that I would check it out then and that I would bring supplies to drain it and give him an antibiotic. He was so grateful and I was reminded once again how much I love helping the people here. It's awesome!

     Then we saw some children building sand castles
     and using seashells for decor.(All children have wonderful minds... )
They had a single wheel; split a stem from a palm tree branch; put a smaller piece of wood through the center and made a toy out of it. They were pushing it and laughing; so simple and yet it made them so happy.

I also ran into a “medicine lady” that I look forward to visiting with on my return.
What an amazing experience in such a tiny place that is hardly even a dot on this great big planet!

We arrived at the other side to a place called "Broken Bridge".
What a famous name. I'm not sure who came up with it, but the bridge is broken…go figure… Anyway it connects to the next island, which is Tuabatuaa. The ocean is absolutely beautiful and those of you who love warm water would be in heaven.
It's so warm that I couldn't cool off. I guess I'm used to the cold water at Newport Beach, CA.

I feel very blessed to serve not only the missionaries but also the Kiribati people.

I know that God lives; He is my Rock and my Salvation. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that I am becoming one with my Savior through reading it, praying about it, and sharing it with others. It is the greatest healing book there is.

I love my children and family so very much and this truly has been a great challenge for me to put my trust in the Lord. I am stronger, yet I do “need Him every hour” and “I stand all amazed at the grace He offers me”. I love Him with my whole soul. He is my Savior, Redeemer and Best Friend.

Sister Cassita


  1. Thank you for your beautiful testimony it always gives me strength, love you, Cami

  2. Wow. The pics are sooooo amazing. You are soooo amazing too. Just ask to share the gospel and they say yes and bring the book. What an example you are. Keep up the good work.