Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Week 10 - It's A Girl!!!

And you're all probably saying, “What????”

Earlier in the week, my neighbor, Gracinda, had an ultra-sound done and found out she had lost her baby. I went with her to the women's center at the Hospital, to have a D & C done. I was talking on the phone with one of the Elder's, when all of a sudden Gracinda grabbed my leg and said, “Sister, Sister, ajudar! (help!).” There were people everywhere! I ran outside to see what was happening, and as the people parted to let me through, I saw a taxi with a woman in the back seat that was in the process of delivering her baby. I climbed in just as she took her last push, and out came this beautiful baby. I caught her in my shirt, (that wasn't white any more, but that didn't matter for a second.) A new spirit had just entered this world and I was blessed with the opportunity to assist in the delivery. What a wonderful experience!

 As I was holding the baby in my shirt, we lifted the woman into a wheelchair and took her into a room where she was cleaned up. A nurse came and took me behind a desk and let me sit down. I sent Gracinda to a store to buy me a new shirt. After I got cleaned up, it was time for my dear neighbor to have her dead fetus removed from her body. As the nurse came to take her, we looked deep into each others eyes. Tears filled my eyes as they took her into the procedure room. As I was waiting for her, my emotions were getting the best of me; I had a difficult time getting control because of the pain that my friend and sister was having to endure.

The social worker, Angela, took me back to meet the mother of the baby that I had delivered. Her name is Lu and she named the baby Lucy. She let me hold the darling baby. Lu, the mother kept thanking me for  helping her. I have worn many different hats on my mission but this one sits at the top. After I was done visiting with her, I was in the waiting area were three other mother's needed help with their babies, not delivering them, just holding them. I was grateful to be able to help them, (who doesn't want to hold a baby?)

While I was sitting there, I introduced myself to a woman sitting in front of me. I shared a little bit about the church and gave her a Book of Mormon. She was delighted for this information. Then she shared with me that her friend was having a procedure done because she didn't want her baby. My heart sank. I said, “Oh, no!” and then I realized that we all have our agency to choose. Oh, how our Heavenly Father must cry for His children. Talk about mixed emotions! Three mothers, three babies and three completely different outcomes.  My heart is filled with gratitude for a loving Savior who makes everything right, through his Atonement.

 I made arrangements to meet Lu in her town and brought a gift for her baby and a Book of Mormon  for her; the greatest gift of all! She held the Book if Mormon so tight. I told her that the missionaries would be contacting her. She was so grateful, sweet, and kind. I love these people and they love me; it's a wonderful thing!

On Sunday I got to take a gift to the nursery and primary. I met a member of our church on my plane ride to my mission, (Salt Lake to Boston). His name is James. We shared some conversation on the plane and when I got off he asked for my information and said that he wanted to help. I was touched; here was this man that I had just met and he was already reaching out to help with the work of the Lord. Well, James and Diane, may I say, “Thank you, thank you!” from me and also  from the children here in Cape Verde. I think that your own children shared some of their own toys! What a wonderful sacrifice- that of a child for another child- half way around the world. Thank you!

One day while Sister McKnight and I were walking, I stopped and poked my head into a fence to see what was happening. I could hear children-a lot of children- that were very happy! A sister from a catholic church came over and invited me to come in. She explained that the church was handing out gifts to poor children that would not otherwise get a present. The children were darling; so sweet, and it was a very humbling moment to see just how little these children have.Most of the children were without shoes, dirty and malnourished, but their spirits spoke loud to mine and I knew that I was among God's precious children. They love to be hugged, to be smiled at and they love to rub my skin and to play with my hair. Some of the children  that I held had wet pants, but it didn't matter. I am drawn to love them. “Oh, thank you, Heavenly Father for this wonderful opportunity to serve.”

I know that God lives. I know that He loves his children. I find strength, through our Savior's example, as I read in the New Testament. Becoming a true disciple of His is a wonderful blessing.

"Disciples, like diamonds, are developed in a process of time and heavy pressures, and both the disciple and the diamond reflect and magnify the light that comes through them."(Neal A. Maxwell)

 Sister Cassita


  1. Dear Sister Cassita,

    You are doing a Great Job i am pretty Sure that God is very happy with you. Keep Working Hard.

    Holden Duarte

  2. Wow what amazing experiences you are having. I love reading about them.
    Sherry Hancock

  3. Oh Aunt Liz... You look so happy, this would be such a wonderful experience. Looks like something I would want to do. I love you so very much!